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A little bit about myself.


My name is Ziggy Verstrepen and I'm a 23 year old front-end and back-end developer who also likes to design. I'm currently studying Interactive Multimedia Design (IMD) at Thomas More Mechelen. I'm in my last year of my degree, so it won't be long until I graduate!

I love to build (flat and minimalistic) websites and make use of modern web technology. Since I was a kid I was always fascinated by everything that had to do with the computer, so most of my school career I studied something that had to do with computer science.


These are the things I love doing.

responsive design

Responsive design

One of the first things I learned in college is to build websites mobile first. I think every designer or developer must work mobile first. Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone or tablet, so it's very important that your website can adapt to any device size and that it can deliver the best display at all times. All that is left to say is that media queries have no secrets for me anymore.

front-end development

Front-end development

My ambition for the future is to become a front-end developer. Currently I use HTML5, CSS3 and Sass in combination with modern JavaScript libraries to build clean and functional websites. I also picked up Gulp.js to improve my workflow and it really did wonders since you can automate all of the annoying tasks like concatenating and minimizing files. Another thing I'm interested in is Angular.js.

back-end development

Back-end development

I have used both the MEAN and LAMP stack for my back-end in projects. Currently I'm more comfortable with using the LAMP stack because I have more experience with it and I also like coding in PHP. I work with the latest version of PHP and I have worked with the MVC structure. At the moment I'm learning the Laravel 5.1 framework and I'm already in love with it!


All my skills are listed here.

HTML(5) / CSS(3)


JavaScript / JQuery




Illustrator / Photoshop






The tools I use for a better workflow.








Stuff I made so far.


Website I made for a friend of mine who just started his own IT business. This time I wanted to try something different in my workflow and decided to use the Yeoman gulp-webapp generator. I recommend this tool to everyone! It's very useful to create a static website quickly.


Gidsen Hemiksem

Complete redesign of a website from a local scouting group. Their old website was created in Adobe Muse, wasn't responsive and it was far behind the current web standards so I had to start from scratch and took the minimalistic approach. I also implemented some basic Search Engine Optimization.

The idea for the future is to convert this static website to a WordPress template.



Travelr is a web based application. It's a meetup platform to make it easier to get in touch with like-minded people. A user can organize meetups in several categories including culture, nightlife, sports and fun. Every user of the app sees the meetups in his neighborhood and can - if interested - connect. Details can be discussed afterwards in chat.

Find this project on GitHub.


Hellvoc Beachparty

Website I made for the beach party of my volleyball club. I also made all the artwork for this party (posters, flyers, ...). Also implemented some basic SEO, so when they share the link on social media it would look good and people would be more inclined to take a look at the website.


Everyday I'm flexboxing

Some ideas I worked out in flexbox. At that time I just discovered Flexbox and was amazed what you could do with it. I love to use it and tried to remake the Studio Brussel website. I would use this for all my projects if it had better support in IE.

Code can be found on GitHub.

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